Tuscan Fitness Packages

Our packages are listed for 3 Nights/4 Days or for 6 Nights/7 Days but can accommodate however many nights our guests may wish to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Prices for Shared room accommodation?

The prices for a shared room is a possibility but is only available if there is someone else asking for a shared room at the same time. We can offer a single room price and if another person asks to share before the final payment is due, we will send an updated invoice with the price for the shared room.

These would be the prices per person for a shared room.

€1140 Simply fitness

€840 Fitness and Culture

€780 Fitness Relax +

How do the shuttle transfers work and are there specific pick-up and drop-off times?
Shuttle transfers to and from the train station are at set times throughout the day.
For clients travelling to Tuscan Fitness by train, we have set pick-ups at Midday, 15:00 and 18:00.
For departures from the hotel to the station, our set times are 9:00am, 11:30am and 14:30.
For a specific transfer time outside of this set timetable, there is an additional cost of €20.
We ask that clients communicate their travel times to us 48 hours before their arrival.
Shuttles are available upon confirmation, and will not be at the station unless communicated prior to arrival.
Can you organise a shuttle service from the Florence or Pisa airport?

We would be happy to organise a shuttle service to pick you up from the Florence or Pisa airport, but this is not a Tuscan Fitness service. We work with third-party companies who specialise in local transport. The cost for a transfer to or from the Florence airport is €150 and to or from the Pisa airport, the price is €200. These are standard industry prices and can not be negotiated via Tuscan Fitness.
*As aforementioned, these transfers are offered through a third party company that has been working in the area for many years.They are licensed NCC drivers and unless booked well in advance the transfers CANNOT be guaranteed.

Do you accommodate solo travelers as well as groups?

Our guests include solo travelers as well as friends travelling together, couples or bigger groups. Thanks to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, everyone can feel comfortable during their stay.

Can I customize a package?

Yes, it is your health holiday after all so you can choose to customise an existing package to suit your needs. We offer a variety of day trip options and exercise possibilities, but keep in mind that customising a package will be an additional cost and therefore more expensive than the existing packages.

Can I add days on to the existing packages?

Yes, we can accommodate requests made ahead of time for additional days that can be added to the existing packages. We only need to know with enough of a window ahead of time to be able to make the necessary arrangements.

Are there additional costs for city tax?

Clients have to pay their own city tax which is €2.50 a night up to 5 nights, so if the stay is more than 5 nights it will only be €12.50

For stays of less then 5 nights it will be €7.50

More Info About Our Packages?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.