The Hotels

At Tuscan Fitness, we run our retreats from the hotels La Forra and Tenuta di Lupinari and Villa Giusterna
*Location is determined based on availability

The Hotel La Forra

Set on a green Tuscan hilltop, the hotel property is a charming mix of classic Tuscan style and more modern comforts including a large swimming pool and a great restaurant. The resort is spacious but retains a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

The hotel is also conveniently located for those interested in making day trips to the famous towns and cities in the area, including Florence, Arezzo and Siena.

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The Hotel Tenuta di Lupinari

Tenuta di Lupinari is a beautifully restored Tuscan village, complete with spacious grounds, olive groves and a stunning castle tower designed by the famous architect Coppedè. On the property, there are numerous garden areas to allow for yoga and fitness activities as well as perfect spots for reading, quiet reflection or even an afternoon nap.

The hotel is located among the rolling green hills of the Valdambra valley, with views of some beautiful historic towns and unspoiled forest and sprawling olive groves.

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Hotel La Forra Amenities

The hotel features hotels rooms and apartments of various sizes, with one, two or three bedrooms, and all have an en-suite bathroom and are situated close to the restaurant.

At the hotel, there is a large pool with views onto the hills of Chianti and the Valdarno, providing our guests with moments of tranquility and sunshine that are typically Tuscan. There is also a second pool on the property as well as a the activity room and the hotel restaurant.

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Hotel Tenuta di Lupinari Amenities

The hotel features rooms and apartments of various sizes, with one, two or three bedrooms, and all have an en-suite bathroom as well as air-conditioning in all the rooms.

There is also a large swimming pool nestled amidst the green grounds of the property, with a view of the amazing castle tower. For guests of Tuscan Fitness, the yoga and fitness classes are also held in a room at the top of the tower, with great views over the surrounding countryside.

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Villa Giusterna

Occasionally used for Private Retreats. Located on the doorstep of the beautiful ancient town of Montebenichi in the Valdambra region.

Any Questions About the Hotels?

If you have any queries about the layout of the hotels, the amenities or the availability of the different types of rooms, please let us know.

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