With Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen

When: September 6th to September 26th, 2019

Where: Tuscany, Italy (Hotel La Forra)

Teachers: Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen / Alix Sturgess (assisting)

Style: Vinyasa

List Price: Shared room – €3,300 / Inquire about private rooms

Looking to Become a Yoga Instructor?

Our yoga teacher training course empowers aspiring yoga teachers to know the correct techniques in order to become thoughtful, confident, inspirational and professional instructors. We make the trainees aware by bringing them to the inner world of yoga and deepening the practices inside out.

Want to Deepen your Practice?

Yoga alliance certifications are not just for Yoga teachers. If you are interested in deepening your practice, learning new techniques and learn from like minded individuals, our TTC will allow you to deepen your knowledge and skills. Gain a better understanding of yourself. Experience how classical yoga blends its forms with beauty and freedom.

Why get Certified?

Maybe you are looking to begin teaching yoga or even starting your own studio or purely deepening your own personal practice. There are a variety of good reasons to choose to participate in a teacher training course. One commonality is an interest in the world of yoga, the history and the practice. And so getting certified is the bext next step.  Tuscan Fitness offers a Yoga Alliance certification. Yoga Alliance® is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. Currently, they have over 90,400 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®) and more than 6,200 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS®).

How much experience do I need to take this course?

There is no required level. A love of yoga and commitment to your practice is all you need!

Dates: September 6th to September 26th, 2019
Total Spots available: 15
Phone: (+39) 345 015 0504

The beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Tuscany was an amazing experience. The training is a good mix of physical practice and theory, including both anatomical studies and yoga philosophy. It was an intense program, but I went home with so much knowledge, new friends and good memories. Peter and Tuscan Fitness did a great job all round. Classes, accommodation, food, help with directions etc. I recommend this course if you’re thinking about becoming a yoga teacher or just want to go deeper with your own practice.

– Julie Sparsø Damkjaer

Yoga Instructor. Copenhagen, Denmark

Course Requirements:

These classes will be physically & mentally challenging in order to help you attain expertise par excellence. In this 200-hour yoga teacher training, we will cover all the important elements; from yoga positions to the anatomy of movement, pranayama to philosophy and more. Aside from the physical tasks, all students are expected to read mandatory texts (about 300 pages including philosophy, manual, anatomy, etc.) and will be asked to complete homework, a final exam paper and a project / karma yoga.

This Yoga Teacher Training will include a total of 160 contact hours with Peter, which include 8 1/2 hours per day plus 7 evenings of 2 hours. During this Time you will focus on:

  • 60 hours: Asana Practice and technique
  • 35 hours: Teaching method and hands on
  • 20 hours: Anatomy and physiology
  • 20 hours: Philosophy and spiritual development
  • 10 hours: Practicum
  • 15 hours: Sequencing

Students will be required to complete 10 hours of practice prior to arrival as well as 20 hours of practice once course in completed in order to attain certification.

What to Bring:

  • Notebook(s) & pens
  • comfortable, loose fitting clothes
  • tennis shoes
  • we provide mats and props but bring your own if you are particular about your mat.
  • sun screen & repellent if needed
  • If you have any questions about what is provided and what else to bring, please contact us. We’ll gladly provide any additional information you may need.

Learn about:

  • Body movements explored in a therapeutic perspective. It applies to breathing, therapeutic yoga techniques, Thai massage, and more
  • Teaching asanas in classical form. Classical asanas are performed in a developmental perspective, which stresses on deep body movements
  • Teaching Vinyasa yoga techniques with accurate adjustment and sequencing
  • Teaching common skeletal problems and learning preventive methods to treat them therapeutically
  • Understanding breath and following proper breathing techniques
  • Instructing and following the art of meditation to attain mindfulness and in-depth experience
  • Reading and discussing Yoga Sutras, Buddhist teaching, Power of Now, etc. in interactive sessions

Sample Schedule:

07:00 – Early morning fruit
07:30 – Meditate or asana practice
09:30 – Breakfast
11:00 – Sequencing
13:00 – Lunch
15:30 – Adjustments
16:50 – Snack
17:00 – Asana practice
19:00 – Dinner

What You’ll Get During Your Course:

Free Arrival & Departure Shuttle Service

Pick up and drop off at Montevarchi-Terranuova Train station. Head to our Getting Here page for more information on trains and driving instructions.


Hotel room accommodation for the 20 days. Offering Shared, double and private rooms.

Teaching Manual & Tools

Comprehensive instructional manual and resources for all students. we’ll provide Mats, block, belts and props needed during the course.

Meals and Snacks

All delicious meals and snacks included. Vegan, Vegetarian, meat options available, accommodating food allergies and specific dietary needs.

Website Access

Member access to Yogidia.com exclusive content. Plan lessons, sequences, become a member of the Yogidia community.

In-Depth Training & Certification

Upon completion of all training assignments, receive your end of course certification & ceremony

Tuscan Fitness – Helping Yogis, Yoginis in their Professional Path…

We provide everything you require to become a yoga teacher – wisdom, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, the art of teaching, ethics, and more.

Tuscan fitness has years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Working with highly qualified instructors from all around the globe, we pride ourselves in bringing the best experience to our retreat clients and teacher training students alike. When in comes to our yoga teacher training course, we strive to provide a balanced blend of traditional yoga values along with rigorous, invigorating training,  and special attention to all safety concerns.  Study in a tranquil and relaxing setting, to delve into your practice and learn along with like minded individuals.

Already got your certification? Ask us about our Internship program!

Learn from Experienced, Kind & Knowledgeable Teachers

 Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen

Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen

Yoga Teacher trainer

Kaaberbøl Kristensen is the founder of LagoCph yoga school in Copenhagen, Denmark, and X-Pand Me body stretching system. He is a master practitioner of yoga, meditation, martial arts, and bodywork and for the past 12 years has devoted his life to educating yoga teachers around the world. His intensive month-long teacher training programs deepen the trainees’ personal practice and guide their teaching techniques to a place where they can freely impart the body’s inner wisdom to their own students. Peter has a gift for breaking down complex yogic principles into simple guidance that helps the trainee investigate the body’s subtle energies. By bringing trainees’ awareness to their inner worlds, Peter helps them deepen their practice from the inside out.

Alix Sturgess

Alix Sturgess

Assisting Yoga Teacher

Alix Sturgess founder Tuscan Fitness with the Latin saying ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ in mind. Only a healthy body can support a healthy mind, so we should strive to keep our bodies in top condition.  Having completed multiple Yoga courses in India, Costa Rica and Italy, Alix imparts her knowledge onto her students, helping them to understand their bodies and therefore be able to delve more deeply into each pose. This was the genesis which led to the development of the” Body and Mind” company. She has lived in many countries, and experienced many different cultures, and from this she has been inspired to follow the fundamentals of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle which provides the most comprehensive combination of nutrition, well-being and family-oriented ideals.

Interested in one of our health holidays?

If you have any questions about our package options or would like more information about the location, the activities or the meals, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hosted in Tuscany

The participants at the teacher training will be hosted in the gorgeous Hotel La Forra, a renovated classic Tuscan estate that now combines classic architectural style with modern comforts. The hotel is spacious and comfortable, but still retains an exclusive and tranquil atmosphere that ideally suits the nature of the course itself. The rooms are air conditioned and comfortable and there is an attractive swimming pool with amazing views over the rolling hills of the surrounding region. On the property there are also numerous quiet places for participants to read and relax and take time out to meditate on the teachings of the course and get in touch with what they need to focus on to get the most out of their experience.

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