COVID Policy and Protocols

If you have any further questions about the property and the protocols in place, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety Measures


We ask that all guests to the retreat make us aware if they have had any symptoms within 48 hours prior to their arrival.

Social Distancing

There are marked out zones for all yoga sessions and fitness classes to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Equipment Sanitization

Our staff make sure to disinfect and safely store all equipment after each and every yoga session and fitness class. 

Class Size

We reasonably cap our class sizes for any indoor class (in case of rain) and make sure that every guest has enough space in the outdoor classses.

Meal Time Distancing

We give every guest the option of eating on their own, but if they would prefer to eat with the group there is always distanced seating. 

Sanitizing Gel

Sanitizing stations are located at numerous points around the property to allow for all guests and staff access to gel at all times. 

Answers to Your Questions

What about the Test?

We require proof of a negative Antigen or PCR test done within 72 hours of arrival at the retreat. If this is not possible due to time restrictions, travel plans or being in Italy prior to arriving at the retreat, we can arrange a test for you in Montevarchi. This is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday up until 11:30am and the results will be available after 15 minutes. 

What About Separated Spacing?

There are designated spaces by the pool for each guest that are an appropriate distance from each other. For meal times, guests can request to either eat separately, or if at the same table then they will be adequately distanced from other guests. 

Can I Book a Shared Room?

We are only offering shared room accommodation to guests who are travelling together (couples, friends, etc.) but not to solo travellers as we have done in the past. This is in line with national guidelines and cannot be amended under any circumstances. 

Should I Bring my own Mask?

Yes, we suggest that each guest brings their own suitable mask to the property as they should be wearing it during the journey, and during check in at the hotel as well as any indoor public spaces.

Will the Wine Tasting still happen?

The wine tasting offsite is usually held in an outdoor seating area so it will be held, weather permitting. Otherwise, we can organise the wine tasting to take place onsite at the hotel.