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3 Useful Sites for Fitness Tips

The internet is a great place to find virtually anything you may want.  However, it can at times be disorienting and misleading.  This is especially true when it comes to health tips, workout plans and nutrition. There is certainly no lack of opinion sharing online... read more

Tips for the New Yoga Teacher

Yoga is not just simply stretching your body; it is a multitude of elements that include moving one’s body parts together to create a one-of-a kind experience for the practitioner’s mind, body and soul. It is meant to help people in all facets of life and... read more

Want To Succeed As A Yoga Teacher? Read Now!

Many yoga journals and yoga alliances have conducted studies to pinpoint some of the trends in the yoga industry. However, the most important factor that leads to success un being a yoga instructor is knowing all about your students– why they turn to yoga... read more

Recapping the 2016 Season

As we enter  the new calendar year, we wanted to recap the past season at Tuscan Fitness to share some of the highlights of the year. Our great guests were from all over the world and we were lucky to share in many a good story and many laughs with them throughout... read more

Dreaming of Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Here are the Top Things To Look for in a Yoga Teacher Training As the practice of yoga is continuing to rise in popularity, the amount of yoga teachers and yoga teacher training courses are expanding. According to the latest reports, the number of people practicing... read more

2016 Season!!!

Spring is here and so too is the beginning of the Tuscan Fitness season! We have been busy throughout the winter planning exciting new activities for our guests, delicious new dishes for the menu, as well as great new hikes and much more for the season. We also have a... read more

New Season at TF!

We are proud to announce the beginning of the 2015 season at Tuscan Fitness as we welcome Daniel, Manuela, Luiza, Miki, Kristina, Amy and Letizia as our first guests! For the 3rd consecutive year, Tuscan Fitness offers our guests the opportunity to experience the best... read more

Cravings Workshop

Cravings in the form of food are common to all people and are a difficult thing to control. Cravings can be both physiological and emotional and it is those emotional cravings that wreak havoc on our diets, making us more inclined to give into the cravings as we feel... read more

Ups and Downs

Life is all about Ups and Downs As we all know, In life, you find moments of incredible happiness and also sadness. The most important thing is to find a way of managing these ups and downs, whilst being healthy and stable and not running to food to make you feel... read more


It is the New Year and here we all are scrambling around to find some resolutions…the question is why do we feel the need to have resolutions. The idea that we can start again with all the hope that the “beginning” has to offer is something we all strive for. “A clean... read more