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“It was my first Yoga retreat and I loved it! The place is on a hill near Montevarchi. You can get there by train from Florence and they pick you up. All the people from the owner, yoga teacher to the waiter were really friendly and professional. There is a large selection of activities and you can choose what fits for you. I highly recommend the retreat and will come back next year!”

Vera, Switzerland

At Tuscan Fitness - October 2023

“ The setting is magnificent, high up in the Tuscan hills. Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and relaxed. I loved the before breakfast yoga session and the more relaxed session at the end of the day. There was lots to do -but no pressure. I took part in the daily hikes, wine and olive oil tastings, but not the HIIT fitness sessions (bad knees). Our accommodation was spacious, which we particularly appreciated after tiny hotel rooms in Rome and Florence. I was there with my daughter and the experience was great for both of us, at very different stages of life.”

Elaine, Canada

At Tuscan Fitness - June 2023

“Everything!! Alix is amazing, kind, funny and an inspiration! The hotel was in one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been to (I got lost staring at the view), the people we met who were on the same course are some of the best people and we will be staying in touch with them because they’re great! We have already decided that we want to make this a yearly trip 😀 thank you so much!!”

Anni, UK

At Tuscan Fitness - September 2022

“ Such a wonderful time here. The location is stunning, the accommodation is fantastic, the food was fabulous and in plentiful supply. The yoga of course was lovely, situated on a deck in the Chianti hills, we had 3 different instructors during my time and they were all great, patient, uplifting. I went solo, but was quickly introduced to everyone on the retreat and everyone was warm and friendly, many others were solo too.”

Catherine, UK

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2022

“Fun and relaxing, surpassed all expectations! I spent 4 days with Tuscan fitness and had a terrific time throughout. Lovely accommodations in an absolutely beautiful location, great yoga/fitness classes and teachers, shared experiences with a super friendly and interesting group of yogis. Highly recommend!”

Emily, Spain

At Tuscan Fitness - August 2022

“My best friend and I attended the retreat, mainly because we wanted to stay in Tuscany and yoga sounded nice. The experience, however, exceeded all our expectations: first, the location was marvelous, we were astonished by the room view, the olive trees, the yoga deck on the top of the hill, the sounds of the birds, and the amazing pool; the services were equally amazing. We are definitely planning to come back!”

Cristina, Romania

At Tuscan Fitness - May 2022

“I loved the yoga classes with Elske and Robin, the hikes, the food…The location is magical, surrounded by Tuscany hills, a beautiful view and a nice pool, perfect to cool down. The whole stay felt like a ‘warm bath’, with so much love and nice people around you.”

Ingrid, Netherlands

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2021

“It was an amazing trip, it allowed me to reconnect with my body and nature, take care of myself and discover yoga. People were so nice and there were such good and chill vibes.”

Samia, France

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2022

“Excellent location, dedicated and inspiring team!
Alix and team did their best to make us feel engaged and like home :). Great multisport holidays indeed! Not to mention beautiful location and delicious food!”

Olga, Switzerland

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2020

“Amazing location, wonderful landscapes; nice and careful staff, healthy and tasty cuisine; powerful hiit courses and regenerating yoga sessions, nice hiking around; great olive oil and wine tasting. I really enjoyed this experience!”

Elisabetta, Italy

At Tuscan Fitness - August 2020

“I spent four days and four nights at Tuscan Fitness in July 2020 and I am already missing it! My stay was exactly what I was hoping for – the staff were so accommodating, the food was amazing and all the classes were really enjoyable. The retreat is on top of a hill and waking up with yoga above the clouds was absolutely magical and something I will never forget. All the teachers were wonderful and each brought something different to the table, whilst also helping us progress our practice according to our requests.”

Ali, United Kingdom

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2020

“Amazing Experience!

Amazing location with stunning views over the Tuscan hills, very good program with various classes, very friendly and skilled instructors.”

Nina, Germany

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2020

“This was the most relaxing, enjoyable and rejuvenating break…it is very clear that the goal of all of the staff is the relaxation, care and enjoyment of their guests. The yoga classes were amazing and suit all level of yogis. Kielley was an excellent yoga instructor and an absolute delight to hang out with! Kelly’s restorative was great, and I even really enjoyed Milo’s (Mino?) more advanced style.

I also enjoyed sharing meals and experiences with other people who were attending the retreat, I was there with my daughter and friend, but we all still met lots of other wonderful like minded travellers.”

Dorothy, Canada

At Tuscan Fitness - October 2019

“Very remote location, amazing views, cosy relaxing environment, two outside yoga decks with nice view, horses!, wine degustations, the most helpful and friendly staff. I liked the variety of yoga and fitness teachers, so you can experience different styles, from slow flow to intensive workout.

The day was very nicely scheduled, I liked that sometimes you can choose the hike instead of the class and see the surrounding area. And the food was so so good every time! Perfect holiday in Italy”

Urte, Lithuania

At Tuscan Fitness - October 2019

This is the full package for people want to relax, enjoy and also do healthy activities. The setting is stunning and comfortable. The people who run it are caring and very invested in you getting what you need/want from your time at the retreat.

They understand that this can be different for each person. The food was delicious and fresh and the activities were fun, with no pressure to participate if you didn’t feel like it.

Bianca, Australia

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2019

“The warm welcome from Kylie and all the staff was lovely, it made us feel right at home straight away. The location and accommodation was lovely. The yoga with Pam and Kylie were extremely enjoyable, Pam was a great guest teacher and we loved our classes with her.

The additional activities from the exercise classes to the wine tasting were an excellent addition and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Nicola, Ireland

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2019

“ The location – you’re up in the hills/mountains and the views are stunning; the different activities on offer (I did hiit, hiking, swimming, running, horse riding, lots of yoga, wine tasting); the food – there was so much and the local olive oil was beautiful; the instructors – who are all very different in their style so you learnt new things from all of them.

This retreat is much more about balance – good food, healthy activities that are about enjoyment for the body and mind rather than about punishing yourself, some alcohol, lots of local homemade food (and carbs!), and great company. This is a much healthier outlook on life than some detox/juicing retreats.”

Jessica, Great Britain

At Tuscan Fitness - August 2019

“ As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed and through out our stay, we were treated exceptionally well. The whole team are kind, caring and friendly. They ensure everyone’s needs are met. The exercise classes were taught by experienced instructors.

I was particularly impressed by the quality and variety of the Yoga classes which were held outdoors with great views of the Tuscan country side.”

Babak, United Kingdom

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2019

The place is a wonderful, beautiful oasis of peace and quiet up on the hillside. Spectacular views, also from the outside yoga deck. Yoga and HIIT training were good, so was the hike.

The instructors do their best to make the experience a good one for everyone. Everyone was very friendly and kind, and it truely feels like they are happy to have everyone there

Mari, Finland

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2018

Everything about this experience, from the moment my daughter and I arrived, was professional and thoroughly relaxing. The shuttle from the station was so easy. The views from the hotel and particularly the yoga deck are breathtaking. 

The food was fresh and delicious and I strongly recommend chef’s fresh mint tea to finish off your evening meal. We loved every minute, came back feeling relaxed and revived and we are very keen to return.

Helen Lloyd, United Kingdom

At Tuscan Fitness - October 2018

“Tuscan fitness made this trip a positively memorable experience during which I enjoyed and engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle in the lovely surrounding of La Forra Hotel.

The instructors were really great and each yoga, HIIT or barre class were all different and interesting. All classes catered for varying capabilities within the group also, which was much appreciated.

The additional activities such as hikes and tours of olive farms and vineyards added an interesting dimension to the trip and contributed to the cultural experience.”

Marie Fitzgibbon, Ireland

At Tuscan Fitness - September 2017

“I loved the location with breathtaking views over the valley. All the staff were wonderful and so approachable – I really felt like part of the Tuscan Fitness Family. I loved being challenged with the HIIT and Barre.

It was just the relaxing holiday I needed and combined my favourite exercise of yoga and hiking.”

Lynne McKenzie, Great Britain

At Tuscan Fitness - October 2017

“We took the train up from Naples. We were greeted with a sign and smiling faces. We then proceed to a beautiful village that sat on a sprawling landscape that looked as if it was a painting.

Check in was a breeze and our room accommodations were clean, spacious and beautifully decorated. Once we were settled in, we met up for a nice hike through lush hills of numerous fragrant herbs and flowers.

After our hike, we had our first lovely dinner of many and met the others in attendance to the retreat. Our next (too) few days were spent on hikes, doing yoga and even circuit training sessions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks were always deliciously yummy and filling. We rounded out our evenings with choices ranging from wine tasting; in rooms massage and even a mind moving Gong bath.

I highly recommended this retreat! The Tuscan Fitness team members are passionate about what they do and the people they host.

It is truly one of a kind, a template of excellence!”

Emilio and Kemberley, Naples, Italy

At Tuscan Fitness - March 2016

“I went away during my Spring Break to Tuscany for a fitness retreat with Tuscan Fitness. It was amazing!

I enjoyed all of the activities offered and felt that the staff were very friendly, professional and experienced. I really liked the fact that they offered so many activities yet they didn’t pressure you to attend if you wished to relax or do your own activities. The snacks and desserts that Alix makes for her guests are amazing! Each meal that she planned for the restaurant chef to make was also healthy and delicious.

On the third day of my trip, while going down some stairs, I twisted my ankle and tore some ligaments. Everyone at Tuscan Fitness, including the other guests, went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and safe. Alix organized for me to see a doctor and she also created a special yoga class that allowed me to participate for part of it. The restaurant staff brought me ice numerous times each day and the other guests helped me and entertained me while I rested my foot. Everyone stepped up to help, out of the pure goodness in their hearts!

Although my retreat was meant to be for fitness, it ended up being about kindness, friendship and renewing my faith in how good and caring most people are in their daily lives. I had an amazing week and plan to have a reunion with my fitness friends at Tuscan Fitness this summer!”

Tara Morris Wagner, Switzerland

At Tuscan Fitness - April 2016

“I spent a wonderful week in late March at Tuscan Fitness. The location was stunning and I enjoyed seeing how the hills looked at different times of day and with different light (sunny, partly cloudy etc). It is a magical place with good energy.

The workouts were perfect: hard but not so much that you couldn’t workout the next day. The great team (Alix, David and Paolo) structured the workouts, yoga and hikes so that people of different levels could get the most out of it.There was a wide spectrum of fitness levels including some very fit people (competition winners, etc) and whilst sometimes I was struggling to keep up on the hikes, there was always a guide who made sure I was ok.

I think my favourite part fitness wise was hiking and I enjoyed the historical knowledge and local context provided by David and Paolo. We visited a fascinating hill top artist colony and learned about the original artist who restored it with the help of friends brick by brick. The group of people on this trip was really unique. I have been to other fitness resorts and I always meet some nice people but this group was off the charts. I haven’t laughed that hard since school and we also had some great conversations about different countries (it was almost a model United Nations). So I not only learned about fitness but about the world which made it better than a normal vacation where you might be at risk of killing off some brain cells.

The food was excellent. I think the best vegetables I ever had. I probably overdid it a bit on the bread (was so good), so keep in mind you have to exercise a bit of control there.

The transfers were easy: I flew into Pisa and out of Rome (was connecting long haul on the way out). Both were quite manageable although I do understand a bit of Italian which always helps.

All in all Tuscan Fitness was a really special experience and I look forward to the opportunity to return.”

Jen Stillman, London

At Tuscan Fitness - March 2016

“This is what a vacation truly should be!”

I flew into Florence and the connection to Fontebussi was a breeze. The location is stunning- lush green landscape and tiny villages perched on the sides of the hills.

The food was delicious, I left with new eating habits and am still stunned that I lost weight while in Italy.

The fitness side was perfect. I loved that you could go fully into it, or sit in the sun with a glass of wine. No pressure, no judgement- total freedom. With Sienna, Arezzo and Florence close by it actually made a perfect central location for exploring the area.

But the most important part of this retreat, and what made it so incredibly special, are the people. There is so much care that goes into this operation and as a guest you really feel it. Alix, David and Paolo put all their heart into creating this environment and they are the reason that many in our group planned our return before we even left.

If you are looking to really relax, de-stress, and hit the reset button on your life and health habits then I highly recommend a week with Tuscan Fitness!”

Sullivan Freed, New Orleans

At Tuscan Fitness - April 2016

“The perfect escape for city dwellers, a true retreat in Tuscan heaven.

Tuscan Fitness is located in a beautiful resort, nestled in the beauty and quiet of the Tuscan hills. Each morning the beauty is enough to make this a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate. Then the Tuscan Fitness team go out of their way to ensure you have all that you need to make this experience just what you need. The entire team is friendly, social, helpful and eager to help you in any way. The food is healthy, well-prepared, and Alix’s healthy snacks are a real treat. The program offers multiple ways to spend time outdoors with hiking, yoga, and fitness to help you accomplish your goals. The pool is divine to further make sure you find ways to relax. I had a wonderful experience and would happily return. Thanks TF team!”

Heidi Askin, Paris, France

At Tuscan Fitness - May 2015

“I cannot recommend Tuscan Fitness enough.  The people running it are great.  They are good people who will look out for your needs and make accommodations accordingly.  We enjoyed the yoga and enjoyed the other fitness activities which were available in a setting that speaks for itself.

The traditional Tuscan-style accommodations were serene, comfortable and relaxing and the food ample, healthy, and satisfying.  Spending four days there was well worth it and I felt stronger, healthier, and happier when I left. Alex and her crew are simply wonderful!”

Amy M, Tirana

At Tuscan Fitness - May 2015

“I just returned home from my dreamy retreat at beautiful Fontebussi in Tuscany. Tuscan Fitness has a great thing going. The location is stunning, and the hotel is a renovated old Tuscan village turned into a luxury retreat destination. I chose the 4-day yoga retreat package, and wish I had stayed longer. The yoga sessions were just right for my level and easily adaptable; the fitness classes were challenging and fun; and the food was delicious and healthy! Alix and her team are amazing – attentive to individual needs, personable, and invested in making the retreat a very special experience for visitors. I absolutely LOVED my experience here and hope to go back. Thank you!”

Miki Paulson, Zagreb, Croatia

At Tuscan Fitness - April 2015

“I had an incredible time at Tuscan Fitness. Alix and her team are some of the most interesting, lovely, warmest people I have ever met. They really make you feel at home. The workouts were challenging, but not so much that it is no longer enjoyable, they really do want you to have a relaxing vacation. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Waking up to snow capped mountains and fields of olive trees feels like a dream. And the food is not only delicious but healthy! We were served traditional Tuscan dishes as well as some of Alix’s tasty cookies. All in all, a fantastic place to go, I would highly recommend to anybody else.”
Luiza S, London

At Tuscan Fitness - April 2015

“I can’t believe it is already two weeks that have passed now here at Tuscan Fitness and I will miss not just the stunning landscape, but also the great team! The time went that quickly here! The day was packed with all these activities, that helped me to come into shape. Every day I could see the progress and so I became stronger and fitter and lost around 5 kg.

But more than this, I appreciate that I also can see that my shape has become much better! Everything looks skinnier. Also I learned a lot about portion control and was surprised how tasteful healthy food can be. The trainers were very motivated. At the same time, they were kind and patient, but also pushed and motivated me to achieve my targets.”

I highly recommend this great training camp to everybody who wants to improve his shape and fitness under perfect conditions. Tuscan Fitness, you are the best!”

Claudia Ryf, Switzerland

At Tuscan Fitness - September 2014

“I miss you guys. It was such a wonderful experience at Tuscan Fitness. Need longer next time! For anyone trying to decide; let your imagination go wild about how gorgeous it is and how great you will feel after your customized program with Alix in charge. Then triple that. And that is what you will get.

Loved every minute of it. Trying to figure out when I can return with friends or my daughter!”

Stacey Grant, USA

At Tuscan Fitness - June 2014

“I did a long weekend trip to Tuscan Fitness before the first hint of beach weather to try and get into some sort of shape and I am grateful to all the trainers and everyone involved for the help. I managed to shed a few pounds, eat well, gain some confidence and it started me on the path to getting in to good shape, like I used to be (or at least think I was). Thanks, Tuscan Fitness!”
Natalie Potic, Australia

At Tuscan Fitness - September 2013

“It was my first time signing up for a fitness/boot camp or health holiday of any kind, and I had no real idea of what I was getting into. Luckily, the staff at Tuscan Fitness were more than helpful, well-prepared and all very friendly. I was hesitant at first, but they made me feel comfortable, planned exercise plans suited to my fitness level and experience, and provided a great experience overall in a beautiful location with delicious food.”
Fleur Hutchinson, UK

At Tuscan Fitness - July 2013

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