The Restaurant

Guests can enjoy the hotel restaurant as the setting for their meals with a stunning view overlooking the valley. The management and chef of the restaurant have worked with Tuscan Fitness to offer a menu that features fresh produce sourced from local farms and a variety of Tuscan flavours.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in all packages.

Healthy, Delicious Food

The restaurant staff will strive to provide creative options to satisfy both your nutritional needs and taste buds. We use products sourced from the area to support local farms and ensure the utmost quality of our ingredients.

This is your relaxing and rejuvenating holiday so you should decide what you want. Unwind and give your mind, body and soul a break by combining traditional yogic principles with Italian values!

More Info About Our Menus?

If you have any questions about the recipes, the local produce or would like more information about the food, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
*Items ordered off hotel menu will be charged to room are paid at check-out.