Yoga is not just simply stretching your body; it is a multitude of elements that include moving one’s body parts together to create a one-of-a kind experience for the practitioner’s mind, body and soul. It is meant to help people in all facets of life and teaching yoga is a whirlwind of preparation, knowledge, emotion, and passion.

Here are a few tips for new yoga teachers who have recently received teacher training from Tuscan Fitness

Plan your Classes

If you are new to the yoga teaching world, it is highly recommended that you plan your yoga classes ahead of time. Sometimes you may have a natural ability to walk into a class with no preparation and teach a killer class. If you are not one of those people, don’t worry. Prepare notes you can return to, to re-centre, and to reconnect to the class at hand.

How to plan a yoga class

  • Maintain a notebook for jotting down sequences, postures, and inspirations.
  • Stay true to the yoga studio schedule. Don’t plan for any other classes; plan accordingly with the class that has already scheduled.
  • Bring your yoga class notes for the session. Place it wherever you feel comfortable.
  • Keep all of your yoga notes together. They may be incredibly helpful to refer back to and repeat/add to a class.

Early Arrival

Arriving early to the studio is always better in the yoga teacher profession too. Upon arriving, it is important to set the vibe of the room…

  • Dim the lights to soften the atmosphere of the room.
  • Play relaxing music to help people settle in.
  • Lay down your mat to show students the room setup.
  • Prepare your students with any needed support.

As a new teacher, practice all the above tips and continue to expand & grow upon them.