Enrolling in a teacher training program is an effective way to deepen your understanding of yoga and helps you choose a career that you love. Choosing the right teacher training program can make a great difference between a mediocre experience and a life-changing one. Here is a whittled list of a few questions to ask before signing up for a teacher training course.

What is the style of the training and will it benefits you to become a versatile yoga teacher?

The yoga teacher training center you choose should focus on one particular approach rather than providing a survey of 10 different yoga styles. Check whether the programs with a teaching certificate make you a qualified and versatile teacher in a particular yoga style.

Are you experienced?

Only an experienced primary teacher can help you gain more insights into different styles of yoga and alignment. So, choose a teacher who has been practicing her craft for 10 or more years.

How Many Trainees Do You Accept?

Enrolling a course that accepts less than 20 students in a class allows you to get more personalised instructions. Also, ask the teacher about the level of individual feedback provided on your practice, teaching, sequencing, and other assignments.

How long the course takes to complete?

It is hard to take out 28 days, which is the most common length of Teacher training, but with the schedule of someone with a job and the necessity to take time off it might be easier to find a course that is shorter in length. These courses are still 200 hours but they provide you with more flexibility by giving you some assignments before and after the contact hours.

Ask for more details about the course you choose and find out if it works for you!