Are you interested in becoming a yoga instructor? Want deepening practice on a physical, intellectual, and emotional level? Do you feel that you are “not ready yet” when you have been considering applying for a yoga teacher training? Well, here are 3 reasons that show you are more ready than you think…

  1. When you are curious about the word “yoga” and what it really means. You can hear about the Yoga Sutras or the Yamas and Niyamas from your instructor. You may like what they are saying, but you have no idea about what they are! If you have the desire to dig deeper into the world of yoga, then Tuscan Fitness yoga teacher training is the place for you.
  2. When you have a passion and you want to share it. You can recognize all the benefits that yoga has brought in to your life. You will find yourself suggesting yoga class instead of going out for a party or with friends. This is not a problem; perhaps this is a discipline that has brought you a lot of health and happiness. You are eager to stay on your path of yoga, so learn more and share your knowledge of yoga with your students.
  3. If you feel better when you are surrounded by Like-Minded People. There is no better place than a yoga teacher training surrounded by an amazing community of people who yearn for a deepening practice, and in a serene environment that elevates the experience. The people you meet there are equally motivated like you to learn more about yoga and to share their practice. They will provide you with more inspiration that you could ever imagine.

These are only a few reasons from many to show you are ready for a yoga teacher training course. Good luck and look to share your knowledge with others!