Here are the Top Things To Look for in a Yoga Teacher Training

As the practice of yoga is continuing to rise in popularity, the amount of yoga teachers and yoga teacher training courses are expanding. According to the latest reports, the number of people practicing yoga in 2016 has increased to 36 million, with 80 million saying they’re interested in practicing yoga in the next 12 months. People have spent over $16 billion on yoga clothing, equipment, classes and accessories last year.

So, here, we have compiled a few important things to consider before embarking on a yoga teacher training course.

Determine the Style

From a variety of hatha, vinyasa, power, hot, to yin, acro, there are so many styles of yoga to choose from. While this seems difficult initially, learning different styles and understanding one which appeals to you the most is the key in finding the best style you would want to teach. Getting fully trained in a style that you are familiar with and comfortable practicing can bring more positive outcomes.

Experience of the Teacher

Hire a teacher who is approachable, friendly, and warm towards all the students equally. Research about the one you are choosing by viewing pictures, videos, testimonials, blogs, and anything else online that can give you a great insight on their teaching style. Learn about the teacher’s teaching schedule and attend a minimum of 2 weeks of classes consistently to know more.

Format of the Training

Find out the schedule, duration, and frequency of training before joining a yoga teacher training course to emerge as a balanced graduate. Search for a Yoga training centre that is well-balanced and gives equal importance to all topics including asana, philosophy, teaching methodology, practice, etc.

Moreover, inquire about the cost of the training course or workshop to decide whether the course they offer is much more value to you to spend that sum of money.