The internet is a great place to find virtually anything you may want.  However, it can at times be disorienting and misleading.  This is especially true when it comes to health tips, workout plans and nutrition. There is certainly no lack of opinion sharing online and although everyone would have you think theirs is the right path this is not usually the case.  Nothing can replace the advice of an expert and when in doubt you should always refer to one.  However, the web can be an incredible useful resource if you know where to look, and here at Tuscan Fitness we’re all about helping you find easy ways to improve you’re fitness level.  Therefore, we’ve looked online for reliable websites that will do just that and selected 3 sites that are worth having a look at. Whether you’re bored with your current work out plan and looking for a few new alternatives or tired of eating the same meals day after day, these site may be the a good place to begin your search.  So let’s begin:

3) Nerd Fitness: This quirky, geeky take on health and fitness is an excellent place for those looking to improve their fitness level. Their combination of humor, fun facts, workout tips and fresh content make it a great site to bookmark and check regularly.

2) Lifehacker:   Although not specifically a fitness website, Life hacker is full of interesting tips and “hacks” that may improve your life.  From how to repurpose a shoebox to preparing healthy treats this site will amaze you with its immeasurable amount of tips.  It also contains a surprisingly useful discussion thread.

1) The All-Natural Athlete: As this blog states a healthy approach to fitness is all about “hard work, dedication and an all-natural approach to fitness”.  Considered one of the top 40 fitness sites of 2013, The All-Natural Athlete continues to provide sound advice on how to improve one’s fitness level.