TUSCAN FITNESS - Slimmer, Stronger, Happier.
Tuscan Fitness is the unique health holiday in Italy. Here at Tuscan Fitness we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you the health holiday you want, combining fun, sun, food, health, yoga and fitness to work for you.
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Getting Started

TF Tips

Nutrition is one aspect of your life where you have the power to determine your future health and success, which are unattainable without a healthy body and mind. Before coming to TF, we would like to give you a few pointers to get you started on the right track…

1. Start thinking about portion control; one serving per meal is a good idea.
2. Try to find 20 minutes every day to get up out of the chair and take a walk, either in the house or outside.
3. Try eating a bigger breakfast; this way you will feel good for longer and avoid unnecessary snacking.
4. Brush your teeth after every meal, as it will help clean your palate and take away the temptation to follow a meal with ‘finishing’ snacks like chocolate or sweets.
5. Eat a lot of Parsley!! It is a great source of iron as well as Vitamin C, beta-carotenes, and other goodness.

For more of our tips and suggestions on how to get started on the path to a healthy and fit life, feel free to browse our Getting started section here.

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Our Testimonials

What our clients say

We are pleased to welcome back many of our clients, year after year. We hope that you find what you are looking for on one of our courses, and please feel free to read what some of our Tuscan Fitness clients have written about their positive experiences.…

“Following the advice of a trusted friend, I enrolled myself for a weekend at Tuscan Fitness. Going through a painful breakup at the time, I was seeking a healthy way to help deal with a lot of stressful things going on in my life. I couldn’t have possibly made a better decision! There’s no doubt about it, it’s hard to feel low and depressed when you are running, jumping and pushing yourself and your body to its limit in one of the most beautiful places imaginable. Thank you Tuscan Fitness: this was the jump-start and health holiday that I needed.”


—– Jill R. Texas, USA. August, 2012

Browse our Testimonials section to read more reviews from our clients who have come to Tuscan Fitness from all over the world.

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Tuscan Fitness FAQ'sWe are always looking to address any of our client questions so that everything at Tuscan Fitness meets your health holiday needs. For any questions about travel, workout regimes, types of yoga, Tuscan sights and trips or more, please read though our frequently asked questions.…

1. Do I have to workout for 3-6 hours a day? The answer is up to you. The beauty of Tuscan Fitness is in its flexibility, as it can range from a boot camp to a relaxing health holiday to a yoga getaway, which enables you to pick and choose whichever activities are most important. 2. Can I bring my husband and child even if they just want to relax by the pool? Of course, we are happy to plan a schedule that works for all of you. We can also provide a babysitter if both of you want to work out. 3. What if I am vegetarian? We are happy to accommodate! Being in Italy makes vegetarianism even more appealing as the produce here is so fresh and full of flavor.

For more of our frequently asked questions relating to everything from accommodation, relevant airports and train stations to nearby towns and local produce, click here.

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