How much do we all loooooooove peanut butter! Well, at least for me and my mum – we love it ridiculous amounts. I make my own as I like to know what is going into it and therefore I know it is as healthy as it can be… Peanuts are a very good source of proteinmonosaturated fatsvitamin E and arginine, which is an amino acid that the body converts to nitric oxide,helping to expand blood vessels and prevent clotting. Vitamin E helps turn back the clock for your skin and gives a glossy shine to your hair!   All you need is:
  • Peanuts in the shell
  • Honey, I like either acacia or linden, as it has that little extra flavour making it even more special
  • Salt
  • Oil (peanut or olive oil are great, I use olive oil because it comes from my olive trees and once again I know exactly what it has been through)
I use peanuts in the shell and painstakingly go through lots of bags until I get the amount I need to serve my guests, but this way I know that they are fresh and untainted by anyone else’s hands. I like to wizz up half or more of my final amount with my own olive oil, some salt and honey, into a smooth rich texture. I then add the rest of the nuts and leave them in big bits so that you get that wonderful texture. Come to TF and try it out!!!